A Life Saver After Brutal Winters

I use mobile auto detailing in Fargo because of the weather. I got transferred up here for work and quickly learned that living in Fargo isn’t like living anywhere else. It’s the winters, quite frankly. Unless you’ve endured a North Dakota winter, you simply cannot fathom what it’s like. Brutal really doesn’t describe it, and the first winter I lived through here was actually worse than the norm. I quickly learned why there are special plugs all over the place here. It’s for literally plugging your car in overnight so the engine block won’t freeze up solid. I learned my lesson on that one the hard way.

The other problem is that when winter hits here, it hits hard and it doesn’t let up. In other places it might get pretty cold and dirty with the snow on the roads, but at some point you get a few warm days and you clean your car before the next storm hits. That doesn’t happen often here. I spent three months driving around in an increasingly filthy car and there wasn’t a thing in the world I could do about it. The only solace is that everyone else has to do the same thing.

When the seasonal weather finally broke, I took one look at my vehicle and knew I would need hours and hours to make a dent in the mess. I called the detailing place and, while they were extremely busy, made an appointment and took the car in for a cleaning. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the car rolled out. I didn’t recognize it at first. My car looked as good as it did when it rolled off the lot after I bought it. The inside gleamed, too, and I actually didn’t want to drive it because I was afraid I’d sully the darn thing on the roads!


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