Covering Up Age Spots with a New Foundation

As I get older, I’ve noticed how much my skin is changing. I now have some age spots that seemed to have appeared overnight. A friend of mine told me about Dermacol foundation which is a makeup cover that has been around since 1966. The stars in Hollywood have been using it since 1969 for a flawless skin appearance. I must say that I’m very intrigued with this concept and really want to look further into it to see if it is a viable option for me.

I went to the Dermacol website to see what all I could find out about this makeup foundation that has been around for decades. I was happy to see that it has been clinically and proven to be safe. It contains 50% pigments which will cover the most extreme scars or imperfections on your face and is suitable for all skin types. I went to the page where you order it and saw that they display the different shades offered so that you can get the color that most matches your skin tone. So far, I like everything I have read about this revolutionary product and thought I might go ahead and give it a try.

It would be such a nice feeling to not feel embarrassed or self conscious about the appearance of my aging skin. I went ahead and placed an order and now have to patiently wait for it to arrive. The website say that it will be shipped within one day and should arrive at my house in 5-15 days. I’m not going to tell anybody that I’m trying out a new foundation and just wait and see if they notice a difference in my appearance. Stay tuned and I’ll be sure to update you all on my findings.


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