Get Rid of the Frizz with Simply Straight Brush

I live on the East Coast of the United States and have found that the humidity wreaks havoc on my hair. I have very fine hair that turns into a great big ball of frizz when it is humid outside. I have always been very self-conscious about the “frizz ball” and have tried nearly every product the market that promises to tame the frizzy hair. Unfortunately, none of them seemed to work for me. This was very frustrating, to say the least. I went to the Simply Straight Store after seeing an infomercial on TV about a product called simply straight brush . It was affordable so I decided to give it a try and immediately ordered it.

I’m typically not one to make impulsive purchases from my television. I hope I didn’t make a mistake by purchasing this new brush. I patiently waited for it to arrive in the mail. Of course, as soon as it arrived I had to try it out. I was so excited and hopeful that this would actually get rid of the frizz in my hair as promised. Much to my surprise, it actually worked. I couldn’t believe it. Finally a solution to the frizz ball that I call hair.

You see, the ceramic wrapped bristles of this brush lift your hair at the root and apply a very gentle amount of heat around every single strand. The best part is that it does not damage or fry your hair. After using this revolutionary new brush, I looked liked I just walked out of a hair salon. I couldn’t believe it. For those of you who have the “frizz control” problem, I highly recommend you give this a try. You have nothing to lose. If you’re not happy or satisfied with it, they offer a 100% money back guarantee. But, I honestly don’t think you’ll want to send it back.


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