I Acquired a Very Old Website

I have several rental properties that I acquired in Rio de Janeiro last year. Along with the properties, I also became owner of the website that was used for bookings. It did not take long for me to see why the company I had purchased everything from was not successful. I had visited the properties and knew that I could do much better because they are located in the perfect locations. All I needed to do was find a Rio de Janeiro SEO agency that would be able to help me recreate the websites.

Actually, I knew that I needed to just start from scratch. If the year was 1995, the website would have been incredible. Not much changed on the site though through the years, even though technology has been improved by leaps and bounds. I knew that just scrapping the existing website and designing one from the ground up was the only way to go. While I have a great mind for business, I know next to nothing about designing a website for SEO purposes. There are thousands of people who choose this area to vacation without knowing which rental they will use, which is why SEO is so important.

When they do online searches for Rio de Janeiro rental properties, I want my website to be the one that comes up first. I also want the website to be easy to navigate, amazing to look at, and simple to book a rental on. It needs to be extremely interactive, which is why I took my time selecting the web design company that I ended up hiring to do the site. Since they have recreated the site from scratch, business has been booming, and I know it will not take me long to recoup the money that I spent on acquiring these properties!


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