I’m Enjoying Decorating My Home with My Mom’s Help

One of my favorite things is to go to all the different home decor stores with my mom. For years, neither one of us spent any time decorating our homes, but now we are spending a lot of time together getting caught up and helping each other out. Last week, we went to a store that has a lot of rugs for sale from many different countries. It was astounding to see so many rugs in just one store for purchase! I would say that we spent a few hours in there looking at as many as possible. We will also be helping one another out with picking out furniture and more, too.

I have not always so close to my mom. I got married young, and the guy that I married was in the military. So, I traveled around quite a bit with my husband untl recently. I’ve always loved her quite a bit, but she was always working when I was growing up, and I feel like I took off and married too quickly. But now we seem to be catching up for lost time. I love every bit of it, and so does she. I don’t have any children yet, so I have her all to myself. But I expect that to change one day once I do have kids. She’s already been telling me lately how much she would love to have grandchildren.

Mom and I are also helping one another to stay within our budget. When we go to the store we both want to buy everything that we see! We keep each other grounded. We are also helping one another to pick out just the right things for our homes. We are just enjoying one another’s company while we can. I have come to believe that my mom is now my best friend.


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