My New Roommate is a Little Odd

I really did not have any idea who this guy was when I moved in with him, but of course I did not really have many good options to be honest about it. The school was late in accepting my application for a transfer. In fact I had been living at home when I was going to technical school, but that was a lot different than going to school. At any rate I soon learned that this guy is into hacking and he tried to teach me how to hack an instagram account. Exactly why is something that I have not really figured out to be honest. It just seems like an odd thing for you to do. He seems to be spying on this girl that he is interested in. I would say obsessed, but I am not sure that is the case really. At any rate I am interested in some of the things that he can teach me, but this just seems weird to me.

At any rate this is just as hard as I expected it to be. The idea I have is that it should take me around two and a half years to get a degree in math and or computer science. That is going to help me to get a real career, hopefully a career that comes with all of the benefits and a great big pay check. In the meanwhile I need to figure out how to make some money without it interfering with the main objective. That is not going to be easy. I have been looking around the campus for a job. Right now I have money saved up, but it is not going to last me long if I do not get more money coming in. Obviously you want to keep a reserve for emergencies.


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