Party Buses Are the New Generation of Fancy Limos

Where I come from they call it renting a car. Sometimes the older folks refer to it as calling for a car. It is when you do not want a cab, but you want a professional driver and a nice vehicle that does not look like a cab. We would use them to pick up or take people to the airport, and I even called a car once for my grandmother to get her out of her house for a few hours. We have been using the same company for years, and for our daughter’s weeding we looked at to pick out a party bus for her and her wedding party. We wanted them all to get to the ceremony and to the reception in style.

Over the years we have rented a lot of “cars.” We have had sedans we called for as well as SUVs and various stretch limos for proms and other special events. Now this is our first time renting a party bus. They are just so cool. You do not have to struggle to get in and out of one. You just walk up into it like you would any big bus. However, once you are inside, it is like being in a luxury motorcoach. The interiors have mirrors, LED and laser lighting, super comfy upholstery on the seats and more. The seating is arranged differently on each bus. It is not like a passenger bus at all. It is more like a big living room.

The biggest bus we saw in the fleet has a bathroom inside it. That is a nice thing to have, especially if you are going to make a stop between the ceremony and another place to take wedding pictures. Everyone will want to spruce up, and you know a few people will need to use that bathroom.


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