Queens Tree Service. . .At Your Service

As one of the most popular tree removal and pruning services in Queens County, New York, Queens Tree Service has been serving the public for years, providing a plethora of services for the local community. Specializing in tree removal, they also handle tree pruning, stump grinding and sump removal. Towns and areas all over Queens County are home to a diverse amount of trees, including Norway maple, Red maple and Green ash. While they are a lovely addition to the local ecosystem and provide beautiful foliage, we all know that sometimes they can be a nuisance when they are not taken care of.

In addition to providing removal services, Queens Tree Service as specializes in corrective, preventative and enhancement measures as well. If you are a home owner with trees on your property, you may want to keep your trees, but you’re worried about them overgrowing and turning into a headache down the road. While trees are a good thing for your home’s property value, old, decrepit and dying trees actually can hurt your home’s overall value. With pruning and the healthy enhancement that Queens Tree Service is capable of proving, you can be sure that your trees stay healthy and happy as they reach up to the sky.

If a major storm has just hit your area, you may have had the unfortunate circumstance of a tree falling on your property. If you are a business owner, this can be a major problem for your clientele. Queens Tree Service provides quick and reliable tree removal, utilizing a special structural support service known as “cabling & bracing.” After a tree is cut down, you can be left with an unsightly stump. Luckily, Queens Tree Service provides multiple options for these, including stump grinding as well as chemical treatments. Whether you are looking for tree removal, pruning or stump maintenance, you can rely on the services of Queens Tree Service to take care of your foliage needs.


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