Quick and Efficient Storm Damage Removal

Getting help from a Long Island tree removal service proved easier than I thought it would be after we went through a strong storm during the summer. The storm really did a number on the trees in the area, and it looked like almost all of my neighbors in the area suffered some damage to their trees from the storm. We sure did. We also had roof and siding damage from the hail. The latter was a separate matter that needed to be handled later, but we could do something about the trees now. We had to work quickly.

One of the trees was so damaged that I worried about it falling on the house. Of course, it’s right outside the bedroom window so getting some help immediately became a priority. I thought I wouldn’t find someone because all the companies had to be busy working through the area. I found an awesome company online with a lot of helpful reviews and decided to give them a call. I didn’t expect them to show up for a couple of weeks, but they actually sent a guy out right away to look at the damage. He saw the risk and moved us up on the list.

The removal team showed up a few days later and got right to work. Having never seen someone remove trees before, I decided to stick around and watch them work. It’s amazing how quickly they can get a tree down. They shimmy right up and start taking it down in sections. It looks like dangerous work, but really they do it so quickly that they make it look easy. They had everything down and cleaned up in about three hours. I’m quite pleased with the work and would definitely call them again for any sort of tree removal I might need in the future.


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