They Do the Best Job Keeping Us Warm

Having facility management hvac in New York City has saved our company so much money it isn’t even funny. Everyone who runs their own company probably doesn’t think about things like thermostats all that much. It’s like the lighting in that if it works, it’s good enough. As long as the bill isn’t breaking your bank account, you are unlikely to give it much thought. Keeping your employees warm in the winter and cool in the summer is usually good enough to keep productivity up and that is good for the bottom line. But what happens when you realize you are paying too much?

That’s what happened to me and the problem largely came from specific employees. We laugh about women saying they are too hot and messing around with the thermostat, but it became a huge problem at the office. Several employees couldn’t keep their hands off the thermostat and it was making everyone miserable. Even with warnings, some people kept sneaking in and messing with the thermostat. It got to the point where I thought I would need to fire some people because my energy bills were going up due to these antics.

A friend suggested a company that manages all this stuff. Not only do they keep the temperature stable, they can install things that make it impossible for someone to change the thermostat. Once I looked into it further I noticed they do a lot of other great things too, such as making sure the air quality in the building is healthy. That’s a real boon to the health of everyone who works here. Since I brought them in my power bills have actually gone down because their suggestions have led to us using less power than ever before. I don’t know how I managed before I hired these people to manage my business facilities!


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