Working on My Computer Science Project

My ultimate goal is to learn all that I can about Android programming and then be good enough at it be able to develop my own apps. Of course the advantage of this plan is clear when you have a desire to not have other people tell you what to do. I got the idea for the project by looking at all of the Forge of Empires cheats that you can find on the web. Of course when you are playing one of those games the thing that you want is to have a level playing field and that is not possible if you have other people cheating. Personally I do not really see the purpose of the cheats, which are usually designed to make the game cheaper. I used to remember how they would use them in Age of Empires. If you typed Pepperoni Pizza into the text box then you would get one hundred food and all of the other resources in the game had a cheat code, but that was used in single player and if you did too much it ruined the game.

At any rate the idea is to find ways to counter these sorts of things. It is not going to be anything permanent however, any thing that you do is going to be something that a cheater is going to be able to counter in some way. It is like a game of chess, when you make a move the other guy gets to make a move too. So when you do something to stop the cheater, the people who designs the cheat is going to be able to try to do something else to get around any move that you make. At any rate it is possible to do something, but you have to be clever.


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