You Can Even Hack a Celebrity

I never thought you could use a Kik hack to breach the security of a celebrity, but I did it. Of course, I’ve told almost no one about what I did. It made the news though. I’m not going to mention any names for obvious reasons, but let’s just say this person is probably an A-list reality star from about a decade or so ago and is known for being wealthy and a diva. I actually stumbled over her user name for the app completely by accident, so I decided to see what I could see if I could get into her account.

I tried guessing passwords, and of course I got nowhere fast using that technique. Using names of people she knows and places she lives didn’t work either. So I went online and looked for a hack that would guarantee success. I wasn’t optimistic after I encountered a bunch of scam sites that wanted me to download a bunch of stuff. Those downloads would doubtless have been full of malware or viruses or something. I kept looking and was intrigued by a site that said you didn’t have to download a thing. You just enter the user name and let it do the work.

Boom! I got the password and got in! I couldn’t believe it, and I also couldn’t believe the stuff I saw in her account. I alternated between laughing like crazy and being somewhat awestruck by what I was doing and seeing. Let’s just say the rich and famous really do live in a different world from the rest of us. I closed out after a few more minutes and didn’t do it again, and was stunned to see an article about it a few days later on some entertainment news site. Believe me people, this hack works.


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